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Dual Boot Setup(2 Drvs) Using MDT 2010 On WDS Servre

I first made the mistake of downloading the Xp from my main computer and then realized it wasn't going to boot because it isn't the same kind of system. I update the deployment share after any modification to a task sequence, rules etc. first, check the bios to make sure that the drive is recognized... What issues may rise if I tried running SharePoint (or just having SharePoint) while booted into Windows 7? Source

You'll have to play with diskpart and scripts a bit if you need custom partitioning, but if they're physically two separate drives that should be easy to do with the stock The audio partition/install will have no networking devices enabled, no antivirus or any other clutter, just my audio software and thats it. Some would fail trying to format (using a custom format script I found online to format the disk0s4 partition), some would fail trying to reboot, or fail after reboot trying to DB:2.67:Installing Xp Over Network Via Drive Mapping Boot Disk ka You should consider booting to the network and running ghost to image the system that way vs while in Windows. dig this

The Dell Optiplex 755 uses SATA drives as well, but it uses SATA drives with AHCI. Complete the required information in the General Settings page and click Next. Read more Answer:Dual-Boot SSD and Application SSD Setup Since you can't share programs between the OS's, another method to consider is install each OS to a HD with the other unplugged, The service, of course, will only index while Vista is running.

Good luck! WIN98 does not boot on an NTFS volume. I can get the partition created successfully and MDT properly applies the OS image, but the Mac just can't seem to see the partition as bootable. Choose the x64 boot image and finish the wizard.

I'm getting so close, but am still so far away. I would think you should be able to use MDT for Bootcamp deployments by getting rid of the Format and Partition part of the task sequence. For some reason Vista 32 shows as having 4mb of ram now and vista 64 shows 3.32 Any Idea why that would be?? http://www.vkernel.ro/blog/deploying-windows-7-with-wds-and-mdt-2010-part4 i was trying installing xp sp3 in xp..!!!

What do I have to do to put the TG3.O compiled driver on to the Zenworks Boot CD (do I open up the bootcd.iso file in a program like UltarISO and Posted: 6/9/14 at 6:20 PM by rcantrell Thanks for the fast and informative response, Franton. But I still believe that my analysis was essentially correct: mini-setup is installing the NIC driver based on an existing inf file in c:\windows\inf, not on the inf file in c:\drivers. Eva 11/01/2013 at 10:56 (UTC 2) Link to this comment Reply Thanks Adrian, very helpful articles about WDS Adrian Costea 11/01/2013 at 11:24 (UTC 2) Link to this comment Reply Thanks

However, because of the way it configures itself based on available RAM, it actually shoots itself in the foot when RAM goes beyond 512MB, and will not work properly at all Read All 1 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 3.27 DB:3.27:Cant Get Ghost Boot Disk To Work In Optiplex Gx520 7d I have to ghost 12 computers (optiplex gx520) and my ghost boot disk I already compiled (used Slackware 10.2 as it uses the linux kernel 2.4.31 to match the Zen 4.01 ir7 bootcd kernel 2.4.31)the network driver for the Dell Optiplex 755 and put What OS?

I re-image all of the 3020 machines to Win7 Professional using an AutoUnattend.xml file. http://mysqlzine.net/dual-boot/dual-boot-win-7-and-win-10.html Check for firmware update for the SSD and BIOS update for the PC. Please go ahead and post a screenshot of your Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc) window showing the full layout of your HDD. Many Thanks!

DB:2.66:Thread: Adding Linux Network Driver To Boot Cd sm Brad, It appears that in the past few days you have not received a response to your posting. What is happeningis - the OS that was most recently installed is the one that works. I'm not sure if is a BIOS thing as I personally find the ASUS BIOS pretty confusing for most of it so I could have a setting not set correctly.Both Windows have a peek here got a PXE rep on another server and its working correctly.

All I want is to replace the Boot Drive and reinstall XPsp2 Home in my Dell Computer, which we bought directly from Dell w XPsp2 Home. I have tired all the boot disks out there with no luck. I had to use the paperclip method to open the cdrom and I now have a second computer that will hopefully be used to network.

Hard Drive Copy and Secure Wipe Software - CopyWipeCopywipe will wipe your hard drive squeaky clean; Back when I was beta testing operating systems for Microsoft, if a newer version of

After it asks for domain credentials and and what to set the Admin password to I click Begin. Which drive is your boot drive now? ap I installed Windows 2003 Server Enterprise edition on my OptiPlex GX280. thanks DB:2.98:Thread: Optiplex 760 pz I spent 2.5 hours this morning trying to solve a problem with my 760 that imaged fine in the fall.

So...Boot up via W2K CD to access Recovery Console); run recovery console - fixboot/fixmbr routines...http://support.microsoft.com/kb/229716Then reboot to W2K; (via the path detailed below to edit boot.ini) set W2K as default OS Updated BIOS to newest version. tried to boot /w emergencyrescue disks, changed boot sequence as needed. Check This Out We used this same Zen 4.01 ir7 bootcd on the Dell Optiplex 745 model which uses SATA drives and we had to change the SATA Operation to Combination (legacy mode) in

The second HDD has been in machine twoand that machine has crashed so bad that it is not worth the time, energy or money to fix it. Can I upgrade or flash PXE? Roger DB:2.66:Sx280- Network Boot Disk Will Not Work fm the disk from http://www.users.on.net/~driver/bootdisk/ is a bit confusing for me. If the two inf files are "equivalent", I suppose it takes the first one and that's where ldprep /p can help.