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Reporting Win7 UX To Microsoft


I'm neither. Conclusion We have only touched upon a small portion human user experience. Supports quick in-place editing of ListView items. Overly Live Tiles Backfire Live tiles are one of the UI advances in Windows 8. http://mysqlzine.net/windows-10/for-any-microsoft-eyes-re-7.html

The OOBE and the up-sell dialog are presented to the user only once in the entire lifetime of his Windows 7 installation. Unfortunately, having two environments on a single device is a prescription for usability problems for several reasons: Users have to learn and remember where to go for which features. Simplify Recognition with Icons Icons—especially the Windows XP and Office 2003 icons and toolbar bitmaps—help speed up cognition of the UI and the task the user has to perform. Post-upgrade (after OOBE):Windows\PantherContains information about setup actions during the installation.Investigate post-upgrade related issues. http://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/3371-reporting-win7-ux-microsoft.html

Microsoft Ui Design Guidelines

The following sections describe four of the more important aspects of professional UX design. Another important aspect is the text in your applications. If they see obvious bugs in your UI, they may perceive your application to be less powerful and effective.

This is a safeOS boot failure, typically caused by drivers or non-Microsoft disk encryption software. Mitigation Ensure that all that drivers are updated. Ensure you select the option to "Download and install updates (recommended)."

0x800xxxxxResult codes starting with the digits 0x800 are also important to understand. With the amount of software being created, an estimated 4 out of 10 software applications have a really great UI that the end user truly likes and is instantly comfortable using. Microsoft Windows User Experience Reconditioning your mind can be tough.

Hence no additional data request dialogs are presented to the user, and no extra data is reported to WER Service. Windows 10 Ux Guidelines They would surely find it annoying if your custom dialog did not use them. All of this could have been avoided by reading reports we have published for free. Sometimes it can be—especially if the scenario is an application used for time-sensitive work.

Everything looks flat, and in fact "Change PC settings" looks more like the label for the icon group than a clickable command. Windows 10 Human Interface Guidelines Size The same considerations apply to size. However, if the information requested by the WER Service has the potential to contain PII (for example, a heap dump), a dialog is presented to the user to get explicit consent This could be solved easily by putting in a GroupBox with two RadioButtons—especially when there is so much space available.

Windows 10 Ux Guidelines

A very good suggestion from the Windows User Experience Interaction Guidelines applies to any software. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/wer/2009/03/11/an-overview-of-wer-consent-settings-and-corresponding-ui-behavior/ After the client has been installed on a computer, the applications must be made available to the computer through a process known as publishing, which enables the end user to run Microsoft Ui Design Guidelines An accompanying label should describe the current status of the process. Microsoft User Interface Design For applications targeting Windows Vista, use the Segoe UI font that is the system default font.

But if graphics aren't your forte, do not try it yourself. this contact form When you drag a button from the toolbox on to your form—it has the perfect height and width. To match a result code to an error:Identify the error code type, either Win32 or NTSTATUS, using the first hexidecimal digit: 8 = Win32 error code (ex: 0x80070070) C = NTSTATUS Resolution procedures0xC1900101A frequently observed result code is 0xC1900101. Windows 10 0xc1900200

If user clicks ‘Send Information’, WER uploads the data. Jekyll: a tortured soul hoping for redemption. Sibling grouping—controls that contribute to the same end result—are best done by Group controls. have a peek here RadioButtons or ComboBoxes?

For example:0x80070070 = Win32 = 0070 = 0x00000070 = ERROR_DISK_FULL0xC1900107 = NTSTATUS = 0107 = 0x00000107 = STATUS_SOME_NOT_MAPPEDSome result codes are self-explanatory, whereas others are more generic and require further analysis. Windows 10 Upgrade Error 0xc1900200 Rollback:$Windows.~BT\Sources\RollbackContains information about actions during rollback.Investigating generic rollbacks - 0xC1900101. setuperr.logSame as setupact.logContains information about setup errors during the installation.Review all errors encountered during the installation phase.

If your application is to be part of the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET category, then you have a separate set of standards.

ApplyOperatingSystem (0x0760) The error 80072efe means that the connection with the server was terminated abnormally. Sometimes your application may need to connect to a Web service or a remote computer, or maybe it is processing large chunks of data—whatever the reason, the user should be made The two environments work differently, making for an inconsistent user experience. 7 Principles Of User Interface Design Such an option is especially good for more obvious messages.

The alternatives are all de-activated (greyed-out) and I am unable to change settings. PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS, Eleventh Edition, relies on 14 captivating chapters to explore the core principles of IS and examine...https://books.google.com.br/books/about/Principles_of_Information_Systems.html?hl=pt-BR&id=iT4WAAAAQBAJ&utm_source=gb-gplus-sharePrinciples of Information SystemsMinha bibliotecaAjudaPesquisa de livros avançadaObter livro impressoNenhum e-book disponívelCengageBrain.comFNACLivraria Setup.exe will report this error when it can upgrade the machine with user data but cannot migrate installed applications.Incompatible software is blocking the upgrade process. Check This Out If your budget allows, you can use nicely designed graphics for toolbars, wizards, and more.

How to Handle Critical Actions When performing a critical, unrecoverable function, it is generally a good practice to make a message box pop-up to confirm the action. In the following image, you can see three buttons. Open the log file in a text editor, such as notepad. Also note that sometimes graphics and design concepts are protected intellectual properties.

Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. The message STATUS_SOME_NOT_MAPPED is more ambiguous, and means that an action is pending. Retrieved 10 January 2015. ^ Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit v t e Microsoft Windows components Management tools CMD.EXE Control Panel Applets Device Manager Disk Cleanup Disk Defragmenter The Windows Installer wizards are perhaps the most popular headers: a simple icon in the far right; a title label describing the dialog (for example, Select Installation Folder); and a sub-heading

If WER is disabled, then the user is never even prompted to report problems. Retrieved 2015-06-08. ^ "HRESULT Values". nice post.. The slightest mistake in any of these steps gives you a different result.

For example, 'Accounts,' 'Reports,' 'Employees,' and 'Projects' would be perfect candidates for tabs in a typical business application. As a result, many users in our testing didn't click this command when they were trying to access one of the features it hides. (In that task, we asked users to However, there are two forms of weakness in the WER bucketing: weaknesses in the condensing heuristics, which result in mapping reports from a bug into too many buckets. Too bad.